GRTC: 4 passengers, driver injured in collision with truck

GRTC: 4 passengers, driver injured in collision with truck
Several people were recovering Tuesday night after a crash involving a GRTC bus and a rental box truck. It happened on East Laburnum Avenue and Mechanicsville Turnpike just after 5:00 p.m.

HENRICO, VA (WWBT) - "It could have happened to me," said eyewitness Shawn Cole.

Cole had just gotten off a GRTC bus when he saw a rental box truck crash into the back of another GRTC bus at a stop just across the street. He uses GRTC often to get to work at Long John Silvers just feet from where it all happened.

GRTC and Henrico police say the bus was stopped at this bus stop when the box truck crashed into the back of it. 
"Our bus driver complained of injury to the neck and back," said GRTC's Carrie Rose Pace.
Rose Pace says that bus driver and four passengers were injured. Henrico police confirm two of the five were taken to the hospital. GRTC says the bus driver was one of them.
"One of our greatest tools is the cameras," said Rose Pace.
GRTC will be analyzing the video from the bus' security cameras as part of their internal investigation, which they say is protocol.
"Things they could see: the truck approaching from behind; we would be able to hear the impact and people inside the bus who called 911," said Rose Pace.
The driver of the box truck has already been charged with reckless driving. Henrico police say it appears the driver was trying to get into the left lane to drive around the bus but wasn't able to get over in time and smashed into the back of the bus.
"We're pretty big we're easy to spot. We always have our flashers on there's also audio announcements, especially if a bus is turning left or right," said Rose Pace.

The driver of the truck remained at the scene following the accident. The five who were hurt had minor injuries and are expected to be OK.

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