More Bang For Your Buck: Home restoration tips

More Bang For Your Buck: Home restoration tips

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - Many of us have old bikes, furniture or other family keepsakes that are covered with rust and years of wear. Can they be brought back to life? A restoration expert says anyone can do it with the right products, tools and dedication.

Winston Yancey Jr. has a knack for making the old look brand new. He started with a fan that belonged to his grandfather and grew it into his business, Sky's Restoration. Bringing something back to life is complicated, but Yancey says you don't always need call a professional.

"You've got to do a lot of research," he said. Start with calling the manufacturer of the product and ask for specifics "What temperature should I paint this at? How many coats should I use?"

If you want to restore it right, you've got to strip it down to the original state. "If it's metal, take it back to bare metal," he said.

Winston sifts sand using an old window screen and a tub, then uses a sand blaster to remove old paint and rust.

Don't worry about holes. There's a product for that. Bondo sells for about $10 at hardware stores. Rustoleum, Yancey's paint of choice, can be found there too, for less than $10. After several coats of sprayed paint and clear coat, Yancey goes through a series of sanding, compounding and polishing steps. The products he uses are relatively inexpensive. The most costly aspect of restoration is time and energy.

"It takes a lot of time. You got to have patience," he said. "Might be a little complication involved in the procedure, but it always turns out good."

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