Restaurant Report: Mislabeled fish, fridge not cold enough

Restaurant Report: Mislabeled fish, fridge not cold enough

Two popular Asian restaurants had a series of violations on their last inspections.

First up, Made in Asia on Hancock Village Drive in Chesterfield. It had nine critical violations plus 13 non-critical. The health inspector noted the menu said "white tuna," but the fish package said "Escolar." The inspection report says Escolar has a high wax ester that can make some people sick.

Manager John Diaz said, "Actually, all sushi restaurants previously called Escolar 'white tuna' and recently they've changed the law where you have to now label it as 'white tuna/Escolar.'"

Diaz says they are reprinting the menu to say White Tuna/Escolar.

The inspection report also says a few roaches were in the ware washing area. "We had a few issues that have been taken care of immediately," said Diaz. "We had our pest control people out. It happens in the summertime. Things come in from all over the world."

Made in Asia usually earns much better scores on its health inspections. Diaz said they had a new inspector that day, but that everything has been corrected. "They came back and re-inspected, and everything is perfect," he said.

Diaz also sent us the following written statement:

"We just want to thank you for coming out and giving us the opportunity to show how we've addressed and fixed the issues we had. It can be fairly terrifying for a family-owned restaurant, whose customers mean the world to us, to go through something like this. As soon as we saw they were training the new health inspectors, we knew they would be extra-thorough--and you know, that can be a good thing, and it was a learning tool for our new chef from NY. Since everything is homemade, and from family recipes, and in Asian culture, family is 'honor,' you can imagine how it felt to see you on our doorstep today. ...

"The extra training they've been given will help us all in the long run, and we're also going to take a closer look at our food purveyors just to be certain we're always getting the freshest. When you import ingredients from all over the world--literally--you introduce things into your restaurant. We always want what we put out to be the BEST."

Next up, Good Taste at 913 West Grace Street in Richmond. It had four critical violations, plus eight non-critical. The report says raw and cooked shrimp, chicken and beef weren't staying cold enough in the deli-top lowboy fridge. Staff moved them to another fridge and fixed the other problems.

But when the inspector returned the next week, the same problem happened again. It was finally fixed when the inspector made a second follow-up.

Finally, a food truck wins the NBC12 Hall of Fame Award: Monique's Crepes has aced four health inspections in a row. We found Monique's outside the Troutman Sanders building on Haxall Point in Richmond.

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