On Your Side: Checking in with transmission shop customers

On Your Side: Checking in with transmission shop customers

CHESTERFIELD, VA (WWBT) - Unhappy customers to continue to Call 12 with complaints about Free Miles Transmission.  They say they're trying to get their cars returned to them after months of being on the repair shop's lot. They say they want 12 Investigators to help them just as we've helped others. We are on top of this story and will share new developments as we get them. Meantime, the day after an On Your Side Investigation back in June, mechanics started working on cars that until now, had sat idle for months at Free Miles Transmission and Auto Repair in South Richmond.

Unhappy customers say NBC12's On Your Side reports sparked the owners to get busy making repairs. One of the owners left a message saying he would have three cars ready for pickup two days following NBC12's investigation.

NBC12 gave the customers a few days to drive around before checking to see how road worthy their vehicles are now.

The tags expired on Roschelle Garnett's Volvo before she could get it back from Free Miles Transmission. She says it still has the original jerking and slow pickup. The nurse and mother of five with a disabled husband wants her $3,400 back and says the three-year, 100,000-mile warranty is a joke. Garnett said, "It's been in the shop with them more than I've been able to drive it, so I'll never get a hundred thousand miles on it."

Owner Mark Abrahim says he's not playing games and asked Garnett to bring the car back. He'll find out what's wrong but he will not reimburse any money unless a judge says he has to. Abrahim says the transmission is under warranty and other problems he corrected for free. Garnett says the transmission was the truck's only problem, but Abrahim said, "I think the mistake I made is that we took responsibility that we are going to help her fix that problem."

Derick Washington is happy and says the shop apologized for not repairing his Acura until now. He added, "I'd like to thank Diane, you know, 12 On Your Side. I don't know what she does. She's got some type of magic, but she gets the job done."

The day NBC12 showed up unannounced, two weeks ago, more unhappy customers were there. William Lewis pushed his Isuzu off the lot and took it someplace else. Out $2,700, Lewis says he lost trust in Free Miles Transmission. Abrahim says he didn't give them time to fix it. Lewis said they had his car since January. "We're confident to stand behind our work. They can take it to any shop. If it's something related to the work that we did, I will pay to fix that," Abrahim said.

Xavier Burford is happy to have his Impala back and says, "It slips certain times but he told me to come back probably this week to do a follow up on it." Burford says he's comfortable taking his car back to Free Miles Transmission.

Abrahim says Burford made small payments over seven months and they serviced his car when he had the money. Burford admits they worked with him and says he couldn't get his car, even after he paid them $2,800 because the work had not been done.

He also says, "They told me it was finished the day after y'all came."

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