On Your Side Alert: Warning about money wiring schemes

On Your Side Alert: Warning about money wiring schemes

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - MoneyGram is warning consumers about imposter schemes. Criminals use fake identifications to get their hands on your cash.

Maybe you've wired money using MoneyGram. For most people, it's an uneventful way to send cash, but for some, crooks have made the experience frightening. MoneyGram put out an alert warning about an increase in imposter scams.

Kim Garner, Senior Vice President of Global Security for MoneyGram, said, "It is just like asking someone to send them cash and that is the problem. They get the cash and just like if you send cash in the mail, once you send it, it is gone."

Garner says these crooks contact you by phone or email using different stories. They could pretend to be a government employee and a claim you owed an old debt, or trick you into believing they are a relative in need or that you've won a bogus sweepstakes. "The easiest way to stop this is to never send money to somebody you don't know," she says.

MoneyGram says if you think you've been a victim, the first thing you should do is file a police report. Next, contact the company. The quicker you respond, the better your chances are of getting a refund but the company admits many times it's too late. "We went from refunding $1 million a month, $5 million a month, $10 million, now we are up to $25 million a pretty quick time. We spend millions of dollars in technology to help protect consumers from being defrauded," Garner said.

The company says the imposter schemes are not the only malicious traps. On its website it warns about other common tricks crooks may use to steal your cash. Another tip, experts say you should never send money in order to receive money.



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