More Bang For Your Buck: Online deals depend on the day

More Bang For Your Buck: Online deals depend on the day

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - If you like to shop online, should you wait a day or two to get a much better deal? Finding the deepest discounts online depends on the day.

Kyle James, founder and blogger at, says most of the top retailers release their online coupons on Thursdays. "At least start your shopping on Thursday," he said. "And the reason for that is they want to try to take advantage of those weekend shoppers, so that seems to be the most popular day."

Old Navy is a perfect example. James says every Thursday, Old Navy posts its deepest discount coupons and keeps them there through Sunday. The deals offer anywhere from 15 to 40 percent off select items. So the best days to shop Old Navy online ...are Thursdays through Sundays.

For Banana Republic, Wednesday is the best day to shop online. James says his research shows that's when Banana Republic releases over half of its total coupons online. "In addition to that, they tend to stock up their online clearance section on the same day, and most of their coupons you can use on clearance items," he said.

Like at Office Depot and Office Max. James says an industry insider told him to check the Deal Center on Sunday. He says that's when new clearance items are posted along with coupons.

Michael's shoppers need to wait until Sunday as well. Their online coupons are released either Sunday night or Monday morning and tend to be valid for only four or five days.

If you want to fall into The Gap, Tuesday's the time. More than half of all their coupons released come out on this day.

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