Prince George lockdown lifted after police pursuit; officer injured

Prince George lockdown lifted after police pursuit; officer injured

PRINCE GEORGE, VA (WWBT) - A high speed chase in Prince George County ends in an elementary school parking lot - and sends two people to the hospital.

It happened Thursday morning just before 11 o'clock at a Pilot Truck Stop on County Drive and wound up in front of an elementary school.

South Elementary was put on lock down after a police chase ended in the parking lot.

Now police investigators are trying to add up the pieces of Thursday's pursuit.

"The person got out of his car to run and then police slam, had him," recounts D'Ann Stiltner.

Stiltner had just shown up to South Elementary to bring cupcakes for her daughter's birthday when all of sudden she had front row seat to the action.

"I saw it after it happened, where the police car had rammed into the front of the car that was being chased and the other car came around and t-boned it," explains Stiltner.

Police say it started at the Pilot truck stop when a state trooper pulled over truck driver, Ronald White.

But, investigators say before they knew it, White hopped into a white BMW and sped away leading police on a high speed chase.

That chase ended, when police says White pulled into the parking lot of South elementary school, right across the street from long time resident Francine Thweatt.

"I saw them over by the school and when I looked out there I saw 15-cars and I didn't know what was going on," say Thweatt.

Police say when cornered- White rammed a county cruiser and then tried to run away.

Reportedly that's when a county officer Tased him.

South Elementary was put on lock down for an hour and half- as a precaution and parents were notified.

But, mom D'Ann tells NBC12 there was nothing to worry about:

"A lot of parents were really concerned, but the police had it under control almost immediately," says Stiltner.

In addition to White's original charges in Chesterfield of failure to pay back child support, Prince George police tell NBC12, White now faces a number of other charges in connection to Thursday's incident.

White and a county officer were taken to Southside Regional Medical Center for injuries they suffered from the crash - the officer has been released and White is expected to be held overnight.

After that, he will be taken to Riverside Regional Jail.

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