On Your Side Alert: Warning about fraudulent emails

On Your Side Alert: Warning about fraudulent emails

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - Right now, there is probably a malicious email sitting in your inbox. Cyber crooks are always looking for ways to get their hands on your cash and personal information.

They don't just target your computer. They're also sending fake text messages. A recent scheme claims a relative left you some money and you need to reply to an email address for more information. Don't fall for this. Criminals are after your information and possibly your cash. Remember, you can forward spam text to your cell phone service provider. Just send the message to 7726.

Don't let your guard down if an email shows up in your inbox with a subject mentioning a toll change notice. It claims rates are increasing and you need to open an attachment for information. Of course, this is a trick and opening the attachment could install a virus. Never open attachments in emails. If you have questions about tolls -- go to Virginia EZpass.com.

Cyber experts are warning American Express customers about a fake email. It claims you've requested to change your phone number. You're told to click a link -- don't do it --- the note is not from American Express. If you fall for this, you will be taken to a bogus site where crooks will steal your credit card information. Report emails like this to spoof@americanexpress.com

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