A parent helps save Henrico students life

A parent helps save Henrico students life
A Henrico student is in the hospital recovering after collapsing at a soccer game Tuesday. The Deep Run High School soccer coach, a trainer, and a nurse are all being called heroes.

Akinyi Owino-ward was at Deep Run High Tuesday with her husband watching her daughter play in a soccer game. She was off the clock, just there as a parent, but her medical expertise would quickly come into play.
"I was just thinking, this is a little girl; I need to help her; I need to save her so she can live," said Ownio-Ward.
The player had just finished up a girls' soccer game here at Deep Run High. She was in the stands when she suddenly collapsed. 911 was called, but it was the quick response from those nearby that may have saved her life.
"I ran up the bleachers and I saw a girl laying down on the bleachers, and she was she looked like she wasn't breathing," said Owino-Ward.
Owino-Ward, A St. Mary's R-N for two decades, says the girl laid lifeless. Along with the trainer and soccer coach, she performed CPR, and her husband started praying.
"I'll never forget looking down into her eyes and thinking, this young girl is gone, and I was like dear Jesus bring her back," said Bill Ward.
After a couple of shocks, she was. She had a pulse and was taken to the hospital. 

"She was so focused and mission oriented and she was going to save that young girls life. She's just a real hero," said Ward.
"I like to help people, and I'm just glad that god put me in the right place at the right time, and I was able to help the little girl," said Owino-Ward.

Henrico Schools are not releasing the identity of the girl at this time. What led up to her collapse is also a mystery.

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