Restaurant Report: sausage stored in carry-out bag

Restaurant Report: sausage stored in carry-out bag

Have you ever used a plastic carry-out bag or a grocery store bag to store food? A local restaurant was just written up by the Health Department for doing that. Here's a look at why it's not safe in this Restaurant Report.

Mario's Restaurant at 9551 Kings Charter Drive in Hanover had 4 critical violations, plus seven non-critical.

The report says a plastic carry-out bag was used to store precooked sausage.
The Health Department says you don't want to use bags like this because they're not made for food storage and harmful substances, colors, odors, or tastes from the bags can transfer to the food.

The sausage was moved to a pan and violations were corrected during the inspection. Mario's had no critical when the inspector returned two weeks later.

Sushi King at 13933 Hull Street Road in Chesterfield had 6 critical violations, including that the dishwasher touched clean dishes after touching dirty dishes without washing their hands in between. We weft word for the manager, who wasn't there when we stopped by.

An employee told us, "We had our last inspection in the last two weeks, or last week, I'm not sure. I think we're good."

The report shows Sushi King corrected problems during the initial inspection and had only one critical on the follow-up inspection, which was also corrected.

We gave the NBC12 Hall of Fame Award to Papa Joe's Fish and Chicken food truck.

"This is a good feeling right here," said co-owner Jerry Lemon. "It took us three years."

Papa Joe's is known for its catfish. Said Lemon, "We have fish that's out of this world, catfish as well. And we have this apple butter shrimp, come on out and check it out."

Papa Joe's has been flawless on every health inspection it's had over two years.
You can find the truck on Saturdays at the Shell Station on Forest Hill Avenue in Richmond.