Hopewell HS teacher injured during fight between students

Hopewell HS teacher injured during fight between students
Hopewell High School (Credit:NBC12)

HOPEWELL, VA (WWBT) - Two students are in custody after a fight at Hopewell High School that sent a teacher to the hospital.

According to Hopewell Police, the teacher fell to the ground and injured his shoulder during a fight between two female students. He was sent to John Randolph Medical Center. The Hopewell Assistant Superintendent says the teacher was injured after one of the students lunged at the other.

Police say one of the students involved has been charged with assault and battery. She is being held at the Juvenile Detention Center.

Danaja Vanzant says she didn't see the fight but heard about it as word quickly spread throughout the school on Tuesday. A teacher had been injured and police say two of her friends were involved.

"Hopewell usually don't break out in fights so today I guess this not a good day for them," Vanzant said.

"There was a verbal altercation today between two female students at the high school. The teacher intervene and was injured when one student lunged, charged after the other the other student," Assistant Superintendent Dr. Kim Evans said.

Evans said the fight happened while students were changing classes. Students that hadn't left their classroom yet were asked to stay inside.

"We ask teachers to keep their students in the classroom to keep them from wandering the halls as we attended to the teacher's injuries."

That teacher was taken to nearby John Randolph Medical Center where he was treated for his injuries. As for the two students, they were taken into custody by Hopewell Police.

Now one of the juveniles is facing assault and battery charges, a misdemeanor offense. As police and school administrators work to investigate the fight. Danaja and others are hoping their school doesn't get a bad rep.

"Hopewell isn't a bad place it's just sometimes situations get out of hand," Vanzant said.

This incident remains under investigation. Disciplinary actions against those students could be possible.

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