Restaurant Report: Multiple handwashing violations

Restaurant Report: Multiple handwashing violations

A popular 50s style diner not only had six critical violations on its last health inspection but most of them were for handwashing violations and touching food.

The diner is Johnny Rockets at 7300 Hancock Village Drive in Chesterfield. Four of the critical violations were for things like washing hands with gloves on, touching dirty dishes then clean ones, and handling raw food, then ready-to-eat food.

So far, the Johnny Rockets corporate office hasn't responded to a request for comment.

The report shows that when the inspector returned ten days later, all the problems were corrected except for one critical one: some cheese was not kept cold. It was thrown out.

Moving to Hanover, Riverbound Cafe at 8055 Creighton Parkway had four critical violations. Riverbound also had a couple of handwashing issues, and the person in charge could not provide a food thermometer, which is essential to check food temperatures. All critical violations were fixed on the spot.

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