MORE BANG FOR YOUR BUCK: Hanover wedding for under $1,000

MORE BANG FOR YOUR BUCK: Hanover wedding for under $1,000

HANOVER, VA (WWBT) - When Tara Gray met her daughter's first softball coach, they both felt like they hit one out of the park. The relationship grew and they decided to get married. With three daughters between them, they didn't want to spend a fortune on their big day.

"Second wedding, saving money, trying to stick to a budget. I had to get a little creative," Tara explained.

Tara brainstormed to come up with a theme.

"I wanted the kids to be included. I want them to enjoy the day. I wanted it to be memorable for them as well," she said.

Their wedding would be centered around baseball. So Tara called the Diamond to see if they'd play ball.

"We were married on home plate," Tara told us.

Not only did the staff say yes, they offered the family a suite for the reception.

"That was like a thousand dollar suite. We didn't pay for that," she said.

Her own picture and words graced the invitations.

"It shows that I put some time into it," she told us. "It was under $15."

The attire was casual given the venue. Tara waited for clearance sales.

"I knew if I waited until after July 4th, I knew I would find everything I need," Tara said.

When she ordered her cake, she neglected to mention it was for a wedding. She still got to choose the flavor, theme and serving size. The price? $45.

"I would've been really irritated had that had been like $1000 cake and there's half of it left," she said.

No mention of a wedding with the flowers either. She went to the florist the day of the wedding and had them arranged.

"Probably $100, maybe more, off," said Tara.

Her total cost for the entire day?

"Less than $500," she told us.

The memories of that day for this new family, priceless. Tara says you just have to be flexible, put in the time, make phone calls, and get creative.

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