On Your Side Alert: Concerns about nurse staffing company

On Your Side Alert: Concerns about nurse staffing company

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - A viewer called NBC12 after a nursing training program went silent. She said she was concerned about her private information that she and other prospective students submitted.

If you're looking for a Certified Nursing Assistant training program, maybe you've come across Solid Select Staffing & Healthcare Services.

Theresa Jones did, but she says things didn't go as planned. "I have never heard back from those people at all. They ask you for your social security number and I never received a call," she said. She thought the class would be her ticket to a promising career, but after repeated calls and emails without a response, she says she got worried. Jones wasn't only alarmed about the private information she says she gave up. She said thought about others in the community. "I would like to confront the people and asked them why they have an Ad up and they are not providing service; giving false hopes," said Jones.

After NBC12's calls and emails weren't returned, we paid a visit to Solid Select Staffing to see if we could help Jones. We found an empty office and a pile of unopened mail. We checked with the Better Busines Bureau and found a notice that indicated Solid Select may be out of business. We also checked with the Virginia Board of Nursing, which regulates Nurse Aide Education Programs. It confirms Solid Select Staffing & Healthcare Services was in fact in business and had approval to offer training.

When we asked about our viewer's concerns, in a statement the Board of Nursing said, "The business is still open, however, they are not currently offering any classes because due to illness, they are without an instructor." The Virginia Board of Nursing also said it would investigate an complaints against Solid Select Staffing. The agency adds if you have a concern about a similar program, you should contact its office.

Before our story aired, Jones got in touch with Solid Select. A representative sent an email apologizing and explained the unexpected medical emergency. The agency says it has not held training classes since November 2014. Solid Select Staffing eventually sent NBC12 an email response, saying, "We are retrieving messages from existing students if they leave a message. We have not confirmed classes for May as of yet. But it will be known through emails and other social media sources."

The staffing service says it has successfully graduated classes since August of 2013. If you haven't back from workers, it promises will soon.

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