ON YOUR SIDE: Couple gets van to help get to doctors' appointments

ON YOUR SIDE: Couple gets van to help get to doctors' appointments

HENRICO, VA (WWBT) - On Your Side put out a call for help and Thursday afternoon a couple who had fallen on hard times due to serious illnesses got the car they so badly need.

Cathy and Charlie James were crying and overwhelmed with joy and appreciation. McGeorge Toyota on West Broad Street without hesitation gave this disabled couple the transportation they need to get to their doctors' appointments. They no longer have to rely on friends and relatives. Their new, used vehicle is a 2003 Toyota Sienna van. Cathy says it's more than what they expected. She and her husband Charlie call it a miracle. It actually moves them from doom to deliverance.

McGeorge Toyota really rescued the James from distress giving them a pre-mother's and father's day gift beyond comparison.

Cathy and Charlie were feeling like they hit rock bottom. He had a cancerous brain tumor recently removed and she, an amputee on dialysis for years, were both stressing over transportation needs after their 30-year-old car broke down. Unable to repair it, they sold it because they needed money.

Cathy and Charlie call it "amazing, wonderful, wonderful, great, fantastic. It's not going to be a burden. We're not going to have to worry if it will start or not. We're going to get to our destinations where we need to go."

Their sad story prompted many calls including offers for rides to their appointments, but McGeorge had the permanent solution and the dealership reached out to NBC12.

"When Diane's story hit, the service people were talking to the sales department, 'Did you see the story? Did you see the story?'" said Finance Manager Ed Adams. "It was meant to be. It really was. To be able to do something this small but that big for them we were just excited about it."

The family dealership says its good neighbor reputation goes beyond customer service and sales. It's committed to helping in the community. So, finding a suitable trade-in, making it road worth with new brakes, tires, and inspection services and taking care of the title and taxes are in step with what they do.

"They are overcoming so much. If we can just take one major thing off their plate and let them go on, we just feel like it was all worth it," said Adams.

"I still can't believe it. even though the papers got my name on it. I still can't believe it," said Cathy James. "Is it really ours? I probably wont be able to sleep tonight."

It was a glorious sight as Charlie drove the van off the dealership lot as employees clapped and cheered. McGeorge Toyota did about $1,500 worth of work to the van.

We want to thank General Manager Bob Farlow for making this happen. It has made a huge difference in this couple's life.

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