NBC12 VIEWPOINT: Mom, I Love You Because…

NBC12 VIEWPOINT: Mom, I Love You Because…

By: Kym Grinnage

In keeping with this week's Today Show theme, "Mom, I Love You Because…" Here is my tribute to all mothers within the sound of my voice.

M: Because of you we have so many great Memories.

O: Because you gave so many wonderful Opportunities.

T: Because even when it hurts, you always tell us the Truth.

H: Because Moms are the world's greatest Heroes.

E: Because you are so Ethical.

R: Because you are the one we truly Respect.

I think being a mother is the hardest, but the most rewarding job in the world. And that is why we have Mother's Day. It allows us to take a moment and say thank you for all of the sacrifice, the love and the care. We want to say thank you for loving us even we were not at our best, and you NEVER gave up on us. So, take the time to say to your Mom or someone who has been like a Mom to you, "Mom, I Love You Because…"

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