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RVA Parenting: Should I circumcise my baby boy?

Are you for or against circumcision of newborn baby boys? We're tackling this tough subject for #RVAParenting this week. - Sarah Bloom NBC12

Posted by NBC12 on Thursday, May 7, 2015

Circumcision is a topic many parents feel very strongly about.

For some the decision is simply a matter of religion and tradition, others feel should you bring your "whole" boy home. There are also questions about the medical benefits to circumcision. 

Dr. Colman Feore, an OB/GYN with Richmond Women's Specialists, says in many ways, circumcision is most commonly part of the culture in the United States. He says approximately 80 to 85 percent of boys are circumcised in the US, whereas in the rest of the world the practice is much less common. 

As for whether it is medically recommended, the guidance has wavered.

"I think the benefits to circumcision have waxed and waned over the last two decades," said Dr. Feore. "Approximately ten years ago, there was a big anti-circumcision movement, but recently the American College of Pediatrics is kind of suggesting that circumcisions are appropriate."

VIDEO: Full interview with Dr. Feore: http://shout.lt/24Bn

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