Focus on Faith: Richmond teen blogs for international website

Focus on Faith: Richmond teen blogs for international website

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - Her first name means moonlight in Arabic, and Mahanoor Samee is living up to it by shining a light on social injustices. Now her light is being seen all over the world.

Mahanoor, 15, loves to write. She has written stories, plays, and everything in between since she was a little girl.

"I wrote my first song when I was in third grade, and it was about, like, you're able to fly, you're able to soar. It was like one of those kind of empowering songs," said Samee, a sophomore at St. Catherine's School.

Empowerment has always been sort of a theme throughout her life, particularly when it comes to empowering others.

"I've always been told that it is my obligation to give back and to learn from other people," she said.

Samee now has the opportunity to merge her writing with her obligation.

Mahanoor, who simply goes by Noor, has been chosen as one of 13 bloggers for Voices of Youth, a program of the United Nation's Children's Fund.

The bloggers provide weekly posts on their thoughts, opinions, and worldviews.

Mahanoor represents the U.S. At 15, she is the youngest writer on a site viewed by readers all over the world.

She has several goals for her blog.

"One, raise up voices that are quieter than my own. Two, raise up the voices of people like me who aren't very common," said Mahanoor.

Being Muslim in America with a Pakistani background, Mahanoor has seen and felt the affects of what she calls being "different."

She writes about some of those experiences in her blog posts, which includes one of her original songs. She also writes about how her faith has helped her overcome those experiences.

"It helps me focus. It has helped me center myself, and it has helped me understand what my real purpose is - which is, you know, to be close to God and to do his work," she said.

By doing God's work, she hopes her posts allows people to see.

"We are much more similar than we are different," Mahanoor said.

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