More Bang For Your Buck: Cutting cable bills

More Bang For Your Buck: Cutting cable bills

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - I pay $150 a month for Verizon Fios cable and internet. I am a year into a contract and want to lower this bill.

"Definitely do your homework, know what the competition offers, look to bundle your packaging and I think you can get your bill lowered," said Kyle James.

60 percent of us either have Verizon or Comcast.

With Comcast, ask for the cancellation department and nicely tell them about Verizon's current deals.

"The customer service rep is a human being and they're going to be less likely to help you out if you're rude. But if you're friendly and polite and just try to have a conversation with them, your chances of success go way up," Kyle said.

Not happy with the deal?

Ask for a manager. Kyle says they're more likely to offer you a better price.

Not what you want?

Move forward with canceling. Kyle finds the manager can do better if you hold out.

If it's not low enough, change providers.

And if you're a satellite customer?

"If you're a Dish Network customer, in almost all cases they're the cheapest game in town, even cheaper than Direct TV so it's hard to use that as ammunition," Kyle explained.

So Kyle recommends threatening to cancel citing "it's too expensive." Tell them you plan to use Netflix or Hulu along with an over-the-air HD antennae.

"Kind of puts up the red flag with the rep and they are willing to help you out," he said.

Direct Tv customers need to have Dish Network's latest offers at their fingertips.

"In many cases it's $24.99 for 12 months, and see if they can match that," Kyle added.

If they can't, be willing to switch.

"The rep is going to notice that and they're going to be more likely to get your bill lowered because they spend a lot of money getting you as a loyal customer. They're willing to bend over backwards to keep you on," he said.

I followed Kyle's advice and tell the Verizon rep it's too expensive.

We go through several scenarios

"Your monthly bill would be $111," a Verizon rep said.

"It's hard to negotiate when you're in that contract," Kyle added.

Which I am. So I decide to drop cable and keep my internet.

My first price? $79.99. Then, the Verizon rep said $99.99.

That's $25 more than what I was paying for cable and internet. After questioning it and waiting about 20 minutes the Verizon rep said, "$84.99 for stand alone internet."

Final price, $80 a month for just internet...and you can guarantee, I'll be shopping around for a lower price than this.

Verizon watches social media carefully and responds quickly to public complaints.

Kyle says if you don't get the deal you want on the phone, thank them and call back the next day.

You may get a different operator in a better mood, which may mean a better deal.

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