Restaurant Report: Prime rib in the 'danger zone'

Restaurant Report: Prime rib in the 'danger zone'

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - In this week's Restaurant Report, an inspector reported finding prime rib at a steakhouse sitting in the "danger zone."

The term means food is sitting at temperatures that are either not hot enough, or not cold enough to slow the growth of bacteria.

It was at Texas Roadhouse, 1570 West Koger Center Dr. in North Chesterfield. The report shows six critical violations and that the prime rib was a "continuing issue." Staff were told to discard it and they did. When the inspector returned two weeks later, the report says Texas Roadhouse had a "nice recovery," all issues were corrected and the prime rib was being held at a higher temperature.

Up next, RVA Deli at 4610 Forest Hill Ave. in Richmond, which had seven critical violations. One of the bigger violations was due to some pieces of kitchen equipment -- a pizza slicer, cutting board, mixing bow and can opener -- weren't clean.

The manager was overseas when NBC12 stopped in to check on the violation, and the employee we talked to said he didn't know. RVA Deli never contacted the station after we left our contact details. The report showed most violations were corrected. When inspectors returned, they noted two more violations that also were corrected.

Finally, Leonardo's Pizza and Pasta at 10833 West Broad St. in Henrico had four critical problems, including the slicer and mixers were dirty. When the inspector returned three weeks later, the report shows everything was corrected.

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