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RVA Parenting: What you need to know about helping your transgender child

#RVAParenting - What would you do if your son came to you with questions about being a girl? Or your daughter about...

Posted by NBC12 on Thursday, April 30, 2015

Transgender issues have been in the spotlight after the Bruce Jenner interview. 

It can potentially be a very difficult subject, and if you think your child might be transgender, you will want to have the right response to your child, and the right information to make choices as a parent. 

Dr. Lisa Griffin says a lot of parents wonder how do you tell the difference, for example, between a tomboy or a little boy who likes to play in princess clothes, and a child who truly identifies with the opposite gender? 

"We're learning that children who are actually transgender are much more likely to really have concerns and discomforts within their own bodies," said  Dr. Lisa Griffin, a Richmond Gender Identity Specialist. "They may talk about their bodies and feeling uncomfortable with their bodies."

She says as a parent, look for consistence and persistence. 

"If a child is actually saying, 'no mom!'" said Griffin. "'I'm a boy I'm actually a boy.' Or, 'No mom. I'm actually a girl.' If they are actually declaring a gender that is different, then that is one way that we know. We are looking for persistence in terms of their gender, insistence in terms of their gender, and consistency over time so you know it's not a phase."

Dr. Griffin provided this resource for parents, interested in more information: https://www.genderspectrum.org.

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