Restaurant Report: Employees didn't wash their hands

Restaurant Report: Employees didn't wash their hands

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - Health inspectors caught employees touching food without washing their hands at two local restaurants, so NBC12 went to see what was going on.

Our first stop was at Sushi-O at 1228 Alverser Plaza in Chesterfield, which had eight critical violations. The report says one of those eight was that an employee touched raw chicken and then touched ready-to-eat food without washing his hands in between. The manager wasn't there, so someone called him and he explained that they got a different inspector.

"He told me, he said this time he changed to a new inspector, because all inspectors are different, you know?" a friend of the manager said 

He said the manager told him that doing things right is important to them. When asked if the problems have been fixed, he said, "Yes, he changed everything."

The report shows most violations were corrected while the inspector was on site.

Up next, Mr. Wong's Restaurant at 2314 Hungary Road in Henrico, which had four critical violations, including that some employees prepared food without washing their hands. The report shows everything was correct when the inspector returned a week later.

We gave this week's NBC12 Hall of Fame Award to the Curbside Creations Food Truck, which has been serving food for 18 years.

Said owner Billy Metzger, "We've got alligator and fried shrimp. All of it is hand breaded and made to order right for you."

Curbside Creations has been acing its health inspections because they know customers can see right into the truck. "They can poke their head in and see what we're doing at any time, so we have to keep it at perfect standards," said Metzger.

Coming soon, the Virginia Health Department says it's changing its website to make checking restaurant inspections easier for you. We'll show you how the new site works as soon as it launches.

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