Lockdown lifted at Varina HS

Lockdown lifted at Varina HS

A brawl at Varina High School forces a lockdown for more than two hours.  Now school leaders believe it may have been planned, but no word yet from police if any students will be charged.

It didn't take long for video of the fight to be posted to social media but this is what investigators and administrators will be looking at to see what the consequences will be for the students involved.

The video shot by students shows a fight in the cafeteria quickly escalating. It happened just before school started, according to police.  Multiple students are involved. You can see an administrator try to break up the brawl, but the students don't stop. And another group continues to fight on the other side of the cafeteria. At one point, a student picks up a chair. It's a good 30 seconds before another administrator runs in.

"It just got really out of control at breakfast," says Carter Roberts, a Varina High School student.

HCPS spokesperson Andy Jenks says the fight may have been planned and had heard about it Monday morning. But there were no specifics about how many students would be involved.  Jenks says students were in the cafeteria for breakfast or waiting for a bus to one of the technical centers.

You don't see the school resource officers trying to break up this fight because police say they were outside responding to another incident. "There's more kids than there are administration and when something like that is planned then everything can go wrong really quick," says Roberts.

"What we believe we have here is a relatively small group of students who are taking out their frustrations on one another during the school day but does it reflect on the entire student body at Varina High School? Absolutely not," says Jenks.

The school was put on lockdown as extra officers were called in to help investigate. And this video isn't the only piece of evidence that will be looked at. "They will also be talking to individuals involved trying to get a sense of who did what to whom, how did this start, who may have been involved," says Jenks. "That's an unfortunate example of the type of thing our school administrators have to be prepared for."

School administrators say the students involved could be facing a number of different consequences including in school suspension, out of school suspension and/or even expulsion.

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