More Bang For Your Buck: Vertical pallet gardens

More Bang For Your Buck: Vertical pallet gardens

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - When I have a gardening question, Kevin Cutlip is the man with the answer. He has perfected the art of creative growing.

"This is green water. It's from spinach we had last night. Drain the spinach off and kept the water that came out of the pot. This is full of nitrogen," said Kevin.

Kevin has a unique and frugal flair when it comes to planting containers.

"This [tree branch] we got from the river. So I brought it home, just put some moss on it and here's my chives, my cilantro. And it's free. And here's an old shoe growing heliotrope," he showed us.

Those 6 pack wine bags have another use.

"You could actually put six different plants in here and just let them go because they're deep enough to hold the rootball," Kevin explained.

These bags are made of the same degradable material as the $9 grow bags you can buy. These can be hung or nestled into the wide side of a vertical pallet for those who lack space.

"You can have a waterfall of strawberries on a pallet," he said.

Free burlap and some staples make it possible.

"When the box stores are getting their Christmas trees in, they have these giant sheets of burlap they just throw away and if you ask them, they'll save two or three pieces," said Kevin.

Much simpler than any vertical planter you see online.

"They look really nice for about a few weeks, maybe a month or so but over time you start to see everything going down into them and watering them is really hard," he explained.

Stores often have rack displays they no longer need. Add a couple of screws and six coffee cans...

"I've got my peppers started already and I'll continue on here and I can go down to this next rack," Kevin said.

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