More Bang For Your Buck: Pallet gardening

More Bang For Your Buck: Pallet gardening

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - So you've got the green thumb but you lack the right space or light. Palette gardening could be your solution.

Our Diva of Discounts shows you exactly what you need and how to do it as cheaply as possible.

A yard filled with beautiful trees is great for shade, but it makes gardening next to impossible. Instead of using pots on your porch, this year, why not try pallets?

Wherever you pick up your pallets (try big-box stores, which will often give them away) look for the letters HT. This shows you it was heat treated. You don't want to grow food on wood that's been pressure treated. If the pallets are dirty, scrub them down with a little soapy water.

You'll need landscaping fabric to seal your pallet. 150 square feet costs less than $5. Cut the fabric so about four inches hangs over the bottom and the sides. Staple it to the underside then wrap it up and around the outer edges. Fold the edges over so the fabric won't fray. Using a staple gun, staple every few inches to secure the fabric anywhere it touches the wood.

Before putting in dirt, make sure the pallet is where you want it to be, in full light. It will be hard to move after it's filled. You'll need garden soil. Five small bags of Miracle Grow was less than $10. Spread it all around, breaking up clumps and pushing it to fill the space. You can grow just about anything that has shallow roots.

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