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Richmond workers rally for increased wages


With Virginia's minimum wage at $7.25, dozens joined together Wednesday to make it clear: they need more.

Richmond was just one of about 200 cities in the U.S. to put on a rally. Its a movement that encompasses not only fast food workers but numerous employees who feel like they're drastically underpaid.
"We are scrambling trying to pay bills and take care of our family," said fast food worker Leah Taylor.
Taylor has worked at KFC for nine years and says she hasn't gotten a raise in four. 
"We need a living wage in his world, and $7 isn't cutting, $8 isn't cutting it," she said.
She's a single mother providing for several children.
"We have kids to feed we have homes to pay for. We got to buy food we got to buy groceries," she said.
And she's like many at the rally who say they won't stand for what they call insignificant wages.
"When the cost of bread eggs gas milk goes up but your paycheck stay the same. It isn't fair to the community," she said.
Workers from all over Virginia started their "Fight for 15" in Monroe Park with a rally and continued in the streets with a march to a McDonald's, one of places they say needs to increase their wages. 
But beyond fast food workers were adjunct professors, Walmart employees, and home care workers like Brenda Cosby.
"It's hard to just make ends meet," said Cosby.
While Cosby's already getting paid more than the minimum wage at $9 an hour, that's still not enough. This group is calling for $15.

Some states are making changes. More than 20 have raised the minimum wage since 2014. Virginia was not one of them. 
"We have to make life decisions of whether we can eat or pay a bill," said Taylor.
A rally organizer said one worker at the McDonald's on Chamberlayne Avenue where the rally ended walked off the job Wednesday. They group says they won't stop until they get what they think they're due.

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