On Your Side Alert: Warning about scam emails

On Your Side Alert: Warning about scam emails

If you're waiting on a FedEx package, don't be fooled by an email claiming to be from the company; it's a fake.

Cyber criminals tell you there is a package waiting on you, and you need to click a link. If you do, crooks could steal your private information or your money.

Never trust links in emails. If you have questions about a delivery, contact FedEx directly. If you receive an e-mail like this, you can report it to abuse@fedex.com.

If you let your emails pile up, you may be fooled by a notification that claims your mailbox is full. For more space, you're told to click a link. This is a trick to once again steal your information or money. Just hit delete. If you think you've been a victim, you can report it to the Internet Crime Complaint Center at IC3.gov.

The Better Business Bureau is warning about student loan forgiveness. It says don't trust emails that claim they can erase your student loan debt. This is a deception and instead of helping you pay, crooks are after your money. If you have a problem talk to you lender and never trust unsolicited emails. You can read more about this deception at BBB.org.

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