Convicted sex offender charged after escape near Huguenot HS

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - A convicted sex offender who assaulted a guard and escaped near Huguenot High School is in custody, according to a U.S. Marshal.

Robert Hanna, 54, was found in the crawl space of the home at 2740 Lansdale Road. According to police, Hanna assaulted a guard at a treatment facility in the 2500 block of Professional Road and escaped on foot toward the city around 8:23 a.m. He was caught shortly after 12 p.m.

According to Chesterfield police, Hanna is charged with attempted abduction, attempted carjacking, felonious assault and escape from custody of mental health. He is held without bond at Chesterfield County Jail.

Huguenot High School and Thompson Middle School were placed on lockdown while police searched for the escaped convict, according to Richmond Public Schools. 

Richmond and Chesterfield Police were actively searching the area. Chesterfield Police confirm Hanna is in custody. Lisa Kinney with the Virginia Department of Corrections says Hanna came to the VA DOC in 1979. He moved around to a couple facilities and was then release in January 2014. Kinney says Hanna had an escape charge from 1983 from the South Hampton Correctional facility, which has since closed. Hanna was in the custody of the Virginia Center for Behavioral Rehabilitation when he escaped, which Kinney says is not a DOC facility. 

According to the VCBR website,:

"Residents of VCBR are former DOC inmates who have undergone a rigorous selection, evaluation and civil commitment process, and who are determined by a court to present a significant risk for sexually reoffending. VCBR residents undergo intensive treatment aimed at reducing their risk so that they can be returned to the community, where they will be closely supervised." 

We are following this breaking news story and will bring you more information as details are made available. 

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