Hackers could target fitness trackers, experts warn

Hackers could target fitness trackers, experts warn

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - Activity trackers, like Fitbits of Jawbones, aren't just on the wrists of fitness fanatics, but also in the crosshairs of hackers.

The trackers keep a log of workouts, food, sleep and allow the info to be shared on your phone or tablet. However, experts tell our sister station WXIX, users should be aware of what can happen to your personal information once you put it out there.

"Symantec, a major security software vendor, has done a study and said somebody could potentially hack into Fitbit and someone could potentially hack your device and get much more detailed information," said Tech Expert Dave Hatter told WXIX.

In fact, Sen. Chuck Schumer of New York warned that activity trackers are a privacy nightmare waiting to happen. Since then, Fitbit amended its privacy policy, changing it to say your personal information won't be shared Unless legally necessary Or unless you give consent.

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