Court filing reveals what Maureen McDonnell would have testified at trial

Court filing reveals what Maureen McDonnell would have testified at trial

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - Former First Lady Maureen McDonnell was prepared to testify that her husband, Gov. Bob McDonnell, was unaware of a lavish New York City shopping spree paid for by former Star Scientific CEO Jonnie Williams, according to documents unsealed in the 4th Circuit Court of Appeals on Wednesday.

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The documents filed by the First Lady's attorney prior to her conviction state she was hoping to testify about how she concealed much of her activities with Williams, in an effort to provide evidence showing the former governor's innocence. However since the two were tried together, she feared the testimony could prejudice her defense. As a result, she never took the stand at the trial.

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The filing details Maureen McDonnell's intended testimony, which would include taking responsibility for the $19,000 shopping spree, a $15,000 check to pay for catering expense for her daughter's wedding and a $50,000 loan, all provided by Williams. Further, the document states the gifts were all made without the governor's knowledge.

"In summary, Mrs. McDonnell would testify that neither she nor Mr. McDonnell ever discussed or otherwise suggested a plan in any way whatsoever, expressly or implicitly, to accept Mr. Williams' gifts and loans 'in exchange for' Mr. McDonnell using his office to benefit Mr. Williams and Star Scientific," reads the statement. "Mrs. McDonnell would also testify that she never heard (or heard about) Mr. McDonnell promising or doing anything for Mr. Williams in exchange for his gifts or loans."

Both Bob and Maureen McDonnell have filed appeals of their corruption convictions.

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