On Your Side Alert: Warning about scam emails

On Your Side Alert: Warning about scam emails

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - You always need to be cautious about those suspicious emails that show up in your inbox. Cyber crooks never stop trying to get their hands on your cash or private information.

eBay users, crooks are targeting you with malicious emails. They claim there is a message waiting on you but don't' be fooled, it's not from eBay. A big red flag, the sender's email address is not from eBay and if you hover your mouse over the link, you will see it doesn't take you to the company's site. In fact,the link reveals it is a hack attack. Report emails like this to spoof@ebay.com.

There is no Microsoft Award but that doesn't stop crooks from sending fake emails claiming you've been randomly selected for a huge prize. Don't reply, crooks are after your personal information or your money. If you see this one hit delete. If you think you've been a victim, you can report it to the Internet Crime Complaint Center at IC3.gov.

There is an elaborate and in depth email claiming to be from the FBI, don't fall for it, it is a big fake! It claims you have money waiting on and you says you can either receive it by an ATM card or a check. Cyber crooks are trying to fool you into paying hundreds of dollars to collect the cash. Please don't reply. The FBI would never send you an email like this. Again, if you think you've been a victim, report it to IC3.gov.

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