Hopewell officials issue boil advisory

Hopewell officials issue boil advisory

HOPEWELL, VA (WWBT) - For the next two days, Hopewell residents should boil their tap water before using it.

Officials issued the boil advisory in a notice posted on the city's website Tuesday night. It reads, "Urgent notice to all citizens: Effective March 3, 2015 at 9 p.m., "boil water notice" issued for the next two days. Boil water for a minimum of one minute and let cool before consuming."

Virginia American Water issued several recommendations in the advisory posted on its website Tuesday night:

Customers who are unable to boil their water, as an alternative method of purification may use liquid household bleach to disinfect water. The bleach product should be recently purchased, free of additives and scents, and should contain a hypochlorite solution of at least 5.25%. Public health officials recommend adding 8 drops of bleach (about ¼ teaspoon) to each gallon of water. The water should be stirred and allowed to stand for at least 30 minutes before use. Water purification tablets may also be used by following the manufacturer's instructions.

For further safety measures, Virginia-American Water recommends the following steps:

  • Throw away beverages and ice cubes if made with tap water
  • Keep boiled water in the refrigerator for drinking
  • Do not swallow water while you are showering or bathing
  • Provide pets with boiled water after cooling
  • Do not use home filtering devices in place of boiling or using bottled water; most of the home water filters will not provide adequate protection from microorganisms
  • Use only boiled water to treat minor injuries.

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