More Bang For Your Buck: Spring consignment sales

More Bang For Your Buck: Spring consignment sales

CHESTERFIELD, VA (WWBT) - Spring consignment sales are underway, saving parents tons of money for just about anything kid-related.

Every parent has that box filled with clothes and shoes your kids have outgrown. Consignment is how I turn them into cash. There are a dozen children's consignment sales happening here in the next two months.

This is my first year with the Brandermill Church Consignment sale, so this particular process is new to me. The first thing you have do is sign up. This one has a waiting list, but I got through. I'm given a unique ID via email and confirm by picking a time to drop off my things.

Gather your clothing and make sure everything is clean. That means nothing with stains, rips or missing buttons. You'll need hangers, safety pins, clear tape, plastic bags, paper and scissors. When you hang the clothing, the top of the hanger should face left and look like a question mark. Safety pins ensure nothing slips off. Shoes get put in clear plastic bags.

I download their spreadsheet to create the tags. Every item gets a price, size and description. You can also opt for inclusion for the half-off sale, plus whether you want it donated if it doesn't sell.

I price things to move. Shirts for a dollar or two. Nicer items, like a dress, for $7. I group similar items together for a better chance to sell them all.

Print your labels and pin them to the upper right of the object using safety pins. Shoe tags get taped on.

I'll deliver all of this to the sale and they'll do the rest. I get 60 percent of the profit, so if everything sells, I stand to make about $85. That usually doesn't happen so I'm expecting to net closer to $60, but certainly worth it for a few hours of work and added closet space.

Consigners can up their profits if they volunteers to help with the sale. The Brandermill Church Spring Sale is February 28, from 8 a.m. until 11.

For the full list of upcoming sales in our area, click here:

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