Restaurant Report: Food temperature, hand washing problems

Restaurant Report: Food temperature, hand washing problems

CHESTERFIELD, VA (WWBT) - A popular Italian restaurant usually earns better health inspection scores, but it suddenly had 5 critical violations on it's last inspection. So we went to over and they threw their doors open to show you the problems have been fixed.

"It must have been a bad day I guess, I don't know," said Sal Candela of his restaurant's recent health inspection.

Candela's has been serving Italian food for 15 years at 14235 Midlothian Turnpike in Chesterfield. But it suddenly had 5 critical violations. The report says ham, tomatoes and cheese were not being kept cold enough on the salad bar. Owner Sal Candela says it just needed more ice.

"As you can see, there's plenty in there," he showed us the salad bar filled with ice.

The inspector also noted improper hand washing. To which Candela responded, "They do wash their hands regularly. Maybe when they came in, they were a little busy." He says he reminded staff to wash their hands properly.

And Candela showed us how they make sure butter is kept hot enough after the inspector noted that it wasn't.

"We keep it here and it's on top of a lit pilot," he showed us the butter on the stove. We asked how he makes sure it's the right temperature, and he says its tested with a thermometer.

The report shows all violations were fixed for a perfect score by the re-inspection a week later. In fact, Candela says they were all fixed by the next day.

We also went to Top's China just up the road at 14203 Midlothian Turnpike in Chesterfield, which also had 5 critical violations. The inspector noted ash trays and smoking paraphernalia in the kitchen and non-smoking area. The report shows that and other violations were corrected during the inspection.

Dickey's Barbecue Pit at 9809 West Broad Street in Henrico has a practically spotless record on health inspections. It wins the NBC12 Hall of Fame Award for acing 5 health inspections.

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