Updated high school hoops playoff information

Updated high school hoops playoff information

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - Here are the latest conference schedules after the week of postponements:

Conference 3:


1st Round (Monday, 2/23)-

-Franklin @ Varina- 6:00pm

-Thomas Dale @ James River- TBD

Semifinals (Wednesday, 2/25)-

-Franklin/Varina @ Patrick Henry- Roanoke

-Thomas Dale/ James River @ Cosby

Finals (Friday, 2/27)

-Semifinal winners @ higher seed


1st Round (Monday, 2/23)-

-Varina @ Franklin -TBD

-Patrick Henry-Roanoke @ Thomas Dale- 5:30pm

Semifinals (Wednesday, 2/25)-

-Varina/Franklin @ Cosby

-PH-Roanoke/ Thomas Dale @ James River

Finals (Friday, 2/27)

-Semifinal winners @ higher seed

Conference 11:


Semifinals (Saturday, 2/21) @ Lee-Davis-

-Hermitage vs. Henrico- 1:00pm

-Deep Run vs. Highland Springs- 3:00pm

Finals (Monday, 2/23) @ Hermitage- 8:00pm


Semifinals (Saturday, 2/21) @ Highland Springs-

-Atlee vs. Highland Springs- 1:00pm

-Deep Run vs. Henrico- 3:00pm

Finals (Monday, 2/23) @ Hermitage

Conference 12:


1st Round (Monday, 2/23) @ Manchester-

-Clover Hill vs. Meadowbrook- 6:00pm

-Prince George @ Manchester- 8:00pm

Semifinals (Tuesday, 2/24) @ Manchester-

-Prince George/Manchester vs. L.C. Bird- 6:00pm

-Clover Hill/ Meadowbrook vs. Matoaca- 8:00pm

Finals (Wednesday, 2/25) @ Manchester- 8:00pm


1st Round (Monday, 2/23) @ Prince George-

-Matoaca vs. Clover Hill- 6:00pm

-Manchester vs. Meadowbrook- 7:45pm

Semifinals (Tuesday, 2/24) @ Prince George-

-Manchester/Meadowbrook vs. L.C. Bird- 6:00pm

-Matoaca/Clover Hill vs. Prince George- 7:45pm

Finals (Wednesday, 2/25) @ Manchester- 6:00pm

Conference 20:


1st Round (Monday, 2/23)-

-Hanover @ Dinwiddie- 7:00pm

-J.R. Tucker @ Monacan- 7:00pm

-Midlothian @ Caroline- 7:30pm

Semifinals (Tuesday, 2/24) @ Midlothian-

-Tucker/ Monacan vs. Glen Allen- 6:00pm

-Hanover/ Dinwiddie vs. Midlothian/Caroline- 8:00pm

No championship game. Regional berths will be given to the semifinal winners, which will be placed based on seeds.


1st round (Monday, 2/23)-

-Glen Allen @ Caroline- 6:00pm

-Hanover @ Midlothian- 7:00pm

-Dinwiddie @ J.R. Tucker- 7:00pm

Semifinals (Tuesday, 2/24)-

-Glen Allen/Caroline vs. Monacan- 6:00pm

-Hanover/Midlothian vs. Dinwiddie/J.R. Tucker- 7:30pm

No championship game. Regional berths will be given to the semifinal winners, which will be placed based on seeds.

Conference 26:


1st round (Monday, 2/23)-

-Thomas Jefferson @ Armstrong- 7:45pm

-Petersburg @ George Wythe- 7:00pm

-Huguenot @ John Marshall- 7:00

Semifinals (Tuesday, 2/24) @ Hopewell-

-Thomas Jefferson/Armstrong vs. Hopewell- 6:00pm

-Petersburg/George Wythe vs. Huguenot/John Marshall- 7:45pm

Finals (Wednesday, 2/25) @ Hopewell- 7:45


1st round (Monday, 2/23)-

-Hopewell @ Huguenot- 7:00pm

-Thomas Jefferson @ Armstrong- 6:00pm

-George Wythe @ Petersburg- 7:00pm

Semifinals (Friday) @ Huguenot-

-Hopewell/Huguenot vs. John Marshall- 6:00pm

-Thomas Jefferson/Armstrong vs. George Wythe/ Petersburg- 7:45pm

Finals (Wednesday, 2/25) @ Hopewell- 6:00pm

Prep League:

1. STAB — bye (STAB, FUMA and TES were all co-champs of the regular season. STAB owns the tie breaker).

2. Fork Union Military Academy vs. 7. Collegiate- Thursday, 5:00pm

3. Trinity Episcopal School vs. 6. Christchurch- Friday, 5:00pm

4. St. Christopher's vs. 5. Woodberry Forest, Thursday, 5:00pm

Quarterfinals will be played as soon as weather conditions permit.

Semifinals and finals are scheduled for Saturday and Sunday at Trinity.

Saturday 1:00 — STAB vs. 4/5

Saturday 3:00— 2/7 vs. 3/6

Sunday, 3:00pm — Final

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