Richmond snow emergency routes in effect

Richmond snow emergency routes in effect

Snow emergency routes went into effect at 5 p.m. due to the incoming storm, officials announced Monday.

The snow emergency routes, which include sections of Cary, Main, Franklin, Broad and Marshall streets among others, receive priority snow clearing.

"The message is we are doing our best, and if we haven't been down your street yet we are on the way," said Bobby Vincent with the Department of Public Works.

Vincent says their trucks do not begin plowing until there is at least two inches of snow on the ground.

"That's correct. Please be patient is what we ask you for," said Vincent. "It really doesn't help the neighborhoods to be clear if our major thoroughfares aren't. So we want people to have a good passable route on their way to and from work."

The City will enforce parking restrictions and tow cars on the following snow routes:

  1. Broad Street (both sides), between Belvidere Street and 2nd Street
  2. Broad Street (south side), between 8th Street and 14th Street
  3. Broad Street (north side), between 12th Street and 8th Street
  4. 8th Street (west side), between Leigh Street and Cary Street
  5. 8th Street (east side), between Broad Street and Main Street
  6. 7th Street (east side), between Canal Street and Marshall Street
  7. 7th Street (west side), between Canal Street and Broad Street
  8. Franklin Street (south side), between Stuart Circle and 9th Street
  9. Franklin Street (north side), between Adams Street and 6th Street
  10. Main Street (south side), between 25th Street and Belvidere Street
  11. Main Street (north side), between 21st Street and Belvidere Street
  12. Cary Street (south side), between Laurel Street and 10th Street
  13. Cary Street (south side), between 13th Street and 14th Street
  14. Cary Street (south side), between Thompson Street and Boulevard
  15. Marshall Street (south side), between Belvidere Street and 5th Street
  16. Semmes Avenue (both sides), between 19th Street and Forest Hill Avenue
  17. Mechanicsville Turnpike (both sides), between Fairfield Avenue and Cool Lane
  18. Chamberlayne Avenue (both sides), between Westminster Avenue and Azalea Avenue

The City's goal is to clear all priority one and two roads within 48 hours. Officials warn plows may cause snow to block driveways, which then becomes the citizen's responsibility. They City also says it will immediately begin assessing potholes after the snow event ends.

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