More Bang For Your Buck: Last minute Valentine's Day gifts

More Bang For Your Buck: Last minute Valentine's Day gifts

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - 20 bucks for a 6 strawberries? Making them yourself is so much cheaper. Almond bark is only 99 cents - get vanilla and chocolate. Strawberries are $2.99. Melt the chocolate, dip and cool. Use a knife to stripe the vanilla. For 5 dollars you get 3 times as many.

You'll have leftover dip, and I've got leftover Halloween pretzels. Coat some in chocolate, the others get vanilla. You can melt Rolo candy onto pretzels too. I sprinkled mine with crushed salted caramel peanuts. Use both to fill themed wine glasses from the dollar store. Total cost for all, 3 bucks.

Chalk is in. These labels cost $1.50 for 6. Soak a wine bottle in water and scrape off the label with a butter knife. Now you can customize the bottle for 25 cents. I use another on a ball jar for candied pecans-and write something like"I'm nuts about you."

Goodwill is amazing when it comes to baskets. This basket was half price too, only $1.12. I got this vase for $1.25 and wrote all the things I loved about my sweetheart on different colored paper and stuffed them in. I broke out some Christmas string to decorate. The silver scarf adds texture. It was $2.99 at Goodwill. Simple and thoughtful for about 5 dollars.

Coupon books have been done to death. If you want to try something different, then create a years worth of dates without spending anything up front. Get 12 envelopes, one per month and leave a card inside with the date, the time and what the appropriate dresswear will be.

Take red velvet cake to the next level by using a plastic bag to pipe it into heart shapes and sandwich two together using icing.

Never underestimate the power of pictures. Black and white prints are classic and would look fabulous in this 10 dollar collage frame I found at Micheals.

Instead of getting flowers that inevitably die, I'd be much more impressed with one created just for me that lasts forever. I found this adorable printable flower on that has step by step instructions on how to put it together.

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