Restaurant Report: Buffet told to submit letter to inspector

Restaurant Report: Buffet told to submit letter to inspector

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - A health inspector asked a Henrico buffet to submit a letter on how their restaurant remodel will correct some violations found on its last inspection.

Golden Corral at 4050 Gaskins Road had five critical violations, plus 11 non-critical on its last report. The report says clean pans were stored on the floor, and the dish room floor drain was backed up. Since the restaurant is being renovated, the inspector asked for a letter outlining the items to be corrected during the renovation in order to renew their permit.

Golden Corral usually scores better on health inspections, so we went to speak with the manager about this report. The manager referred us to the owner, who told us by phone that they're working to have everything fixed when the remodel is complete in a couple of weeks. The owner also pointed out that this was a different inspector than they've had in the past.

Records show that the inspector returned two weeks ago and noted all critical violations were corrected, except for one, and gave the restaurant a 30-day permit extension. The permit expires March 2 and the owner said they'll be ready when the inspector returns.

Chen's Chinese Restaurant at 11361 Nuckols Road in Henrico also usually scores better, but it had five critical violations this time. The report says the cleavers and flat trays were not sanitized. We weren't able to reach the manager, but the report shows that violations were corrected during the inspection.

Twiggy's Island Lush Panamanian Caribbean American Cuisine at 210 West Brookland Park Boulevard in Richmond was this week's NBC12 Hall of Fame Award winner. It should be no surprise, because they've been acing their health inspections for two years.

Owner Odilka Gomez said, "I really don't know what to say because I didn't expect this. I have not really expected this at all, but, yes, I've been really ... I'm very funny when it comes down to my food and my cleanliness. I'm very clean."

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