7 injured in Chesterfield apartment fire

7 injured in Chesterfield apartment fire
(Source: Chesterfield Fire)
(Source: Chesterfield Fire)

CHESTERFIELD, VA (WWBT) - Seven people are injured and 22 displaced after a large apartment fire in Chesterfield early Wednesday morning.

Fire trucks, ambulances and police cars all responded to the 6700 block of Jeff Davis Highway around 2:45 a.m.

Five people were taken to the hospital with minor injuries and two were treated on scene. Crews say one person jumped from their second-floor apartment and two people escaped from a first-floor window. The intensity of that fire was so strong that firefighters were pushed out of the building.

As investigators continue to look at a cause, displaced residents were trying to make a plan where to go from here.

The fire started in the back corner of the Maisonette Apartments.

"I can't even explain it. It was just roaring out of the apartment next store," says neighbor Marie Enger.

 And, it spread quickly- racing from apartment to apartment through the ceiling and the walls.

"They were knocking on people's doors telling them to get out, get out," says neighbor Nathaniel Benjamin.

Daniel Bain was asleep inside his first-floor apartment when it started:

"I woke up to somebody beating on my window, screaming at me to get out 'cause the building was on fire," he says.

Bane grabbed his keys and headed for the door.

"When I opened the door, the heat almost knocked me down and I just ran out," he remembers.

Now, hours later all he has are the clothes on his back and the items in his car.

"It's a hell of a way to be woken up," says Bain.

And, fire investigators say that was case for the 22-residents living here.
The fire's intensity, initially kept crews at a distance. 

As that fire grew, some residents jumped out of windows to escape.
Everyone survived.

In the light of day, residents surveyed the scene, looking to salvage what they could.
For Tiffany Beverly, that meant just two small bags of groceries.

"There's just so much water damage, we're not going to be able to keep nothing else," says Beverly.

Now Maisonette residents are trying to figure out what's next. 

But, for Daniel Bain, he knows he's one of the fortunate ones.

"Luckily have another place to go, another apartment. I have an empty apartment but at least I have somewhere to go," he says.

Thirteen of the 14-apartments were occupied.

NBC12 is told only one of those tenants had renter's insurance.



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