NBC12 VIEWPOINT: Part II: Sony Today, It Could Be You Tomorrow

NBC12 VIEWPOINT: Part II: Sony Today, It Could Be You Tomorrow

By: Kym Grinnage

As a follow up to

, I had two other questions that I said I would address this week.


Should Americans be intimidated by cyber terrorists?


Are your personal emails secure?

I will answer these two questions together because I believe that they overlap. Americans should never be intimidated by cyber terrorist or any terrorists, but the fact of the matter is that terrorism has altered the way we live. The same advice of "if you see something, say something" should be applied to all of our digital devices, applications and files. Of course, most companies have security software to protect their systems from being hacked, but as we learned from Sony, nothing is failsafe. Everyone should invest in the best software security that they can afford and it's important to regularly back up your professional and personal files. Your cyber world is as transparent as your real world.

When it comes to emails, I have a simple rule. Don't say anything in an email that you wouldn't be willing to defend in public. That would include, but is not limited to, lying, gossiping and character assassination. Because the answer is, your emails are not secure! A breach could happen at any time and you will now have to defend what you have written.

Remember, think and review before you press SEND!

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