Man accused of shooting Richmond officer expected in court

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The man accused of shooting a Richmond Police officer is expected to face a judge today. Tamar Harris is scheduled for an arraignment--but there's a possibility it could be delayed because he is still in the hospital. The shooting happened last Friday. Officer Bill Turner responded to a mental health crisis in the Fulton area in the city's East end. Moments after getting there, that is when police say Harris opened fire and officer Turner fired back. Officer Turner remains in critical condition.

Right now, Governor Bob McDonnell is enjoying his time as a free man--before he begins serving a two year sentence in Federal Prison. McDonnell told reporters moments after the decision that he plans to appeal-- we've been checking throughout the night, and so far, that appeal has not been filed. Bob McDonnell will report to prison February, 9th. But he could remain a free man, until the appeal is finished, if the judge grants that request Maureen McDonnell's sentencing is scheduled for February 20th.

New numbers revealing this morning that more and more people in Virginia support some form marijuana reform. 60% of those surveyed now say they think those found with less than an ounce should not face any criminal penalties. This is according to a study done by Public Policy Polling.

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