McDonnell prison sentence divides social media

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - As former Governor Bob McDonnells sentence came down, the reaction on social media began to pour in and it was split on whether justice was served.

Many were fired up, claiming the governor got off easy, while others still feel he is innocent of the corruption charges. There's no doubt the former governor is polarizing, and despite this being a historic sentence in the Commonwealth the reaction is truly split.

"Horrible! All he got was two years? This sent no message to politicians. He got a slap on the wrist and he won't serve the full time," posted Terence Doctor on Twitter.

"Bob #McDonnell is innocent. He is a good man. I hope he wins his appeal. The wife is way more to blame than him, but he was the Gov," tweeted Brent.

"Really: instead of asking why #McDonnell got so little time, ask why nonviolent drug offenders get sentences 20x longer," wrote Donald on Twitter.

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