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Organizer: Carytown New Year's event canceled

The ball will rise over Carytown on New Year's Eve once again. (Source: NBC12) The ball will rise over Carytown on New Year's Eve once again. (Source: NBC12)
RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - You will not see a massive celebration and ball rising in Carytown Wednesday night. The last-minute New Year's Eve party just announced Monday has now been canceled. The City of Richmond says paperwork needed for the event was never filed, which was news the organizer says he was shocked to learn.

Meanwhile, some business owners in Carytown say they weren't prepared for a New Year's Eve celebration in the first place. But Todd Schall-Vess, who announced the plans to host it, says he doesn't understand the confusion.

The lights, cameras and action that took over Carytown in previous New Year's Eve celebrations were suddenly on cue for a special appearance Wednesday night - until now.

"It's just disappointment,” said Todd Schall-Vess.

He just got a special visit from the city saying he doesn't have the needed permits.

"I had actually been down in the building inspection office yesterday," he said.

He says that's when he was told an inspector would show up Tuesday to check out his setup at the New York Deli. Schall-Vess says that never happened.

"All of the hardware, all of the labor costs, everything associated with the actual physical manifestation of the ball have been entirely mine from the beginning," Schall-Vess said. He also indicated that he'll  all of the people who had been working to set up for the event.,

But the last-minute announcement to host a celebration on Carytown didn't sit well with some in the first place.

"Merchants don't feel like in the past this has been a safe event. People were on rooftops. Many merchants had to hire their own security and safety,” said Camille Bird with the Carytown Merchant's Association.

Some Carytown business owners say they're even willing to sit down with those who do want to see a New Year's celebration here in the future.

"It takes months to plan that, months and months. We should start tomorrow,” Paula Rhoades said.

Now the question is will Carytown's event get a last minute transfer like last year's move to Hardywood?

"I won't say there aren't ideas but I'd say it's unlikely at this point anything's going to happen,” Schall-Vess said.

He says the late announcement was an intentional effort to keep from competing from a bigger event on Brown's Island

Last year's Hardywood event drew 2,000 people on just one day's notice. Organizers expect 10,000 to attend the Brown's Island celebration this year. The event on the river will boast two virtual balls displayed on a 50-foot tower powered by LED technology. One will drop to signify the end of 2014, while another rises for 2015.

The Brown's Island event will also feature DJs, food trucks and alcohol sales. The event is free, though each offers VIP sections for a cost.

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