Police use pepper spray to break up fights at Varina HS; Eight-students face charges

Police use pepper spray to break up fights at Varina HS; Eight-students face charges

Police say eight-students were involved in the fight. Investigators say those student could be charged late Thursday or early Friday.

Meanwhile, a school spokesperson says there's a good chance there may be more of a police presence at Varina High School Friday, than just the two usual school resource officers.

Instead of buses, dozens of police cars surrounded and lined the roads around Varina High School- an airplane circled overhead, while inside:

"Two fights broke out between multiple students. The officer in the cafeteria called for assistance to break up the fights," explained Lt. Chris Eley, Henrico County Police.

Those fights grew to the point where the school was placed on lock down and the officer used pepper spray, or what they call "OC."

A move police call necessary.

"Multiple people fighting- in order to stop the assault of action or fight or to take the students into custody or take combatant into custody, we used OC to break up the fight," said Eley.

Eight students had to be treated for exposure to the pepper spray, one of those students was taken to the hospital.

Police says to complicate matters, during the course of the fight the fire alarm was pulled and students were evacuated from the school for a short time.

Investigators didn't a find a fire, but they're looking to piece together what lead to this fight and school officials say the eight-students involved face disciplinary actions.

"In accordance with the code of conduct, you're talking about things such as anything from a suspension to a recommendation of expulsion," said Henrico County School spokesperson Andy Jenks.

No word on the condition of the student taken to the hospital.

Police tell NBC12, not all of the eight-students who were exposed to pepper spray were involved in the fight, some were just bystanders.

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