Owner of 'miracle' dog calls him perfect despite paralysis

Owner of 'miracle' dog calls him perfect despite paralysis

A dog who managed to walk again after being paralyzed from the mid-section down, now has found an owner who feels he's the perfect Christmas gift.

Elvis was brought to the Richmond SPCA paralyzed about a year ago and there were questions about whether he would ever walk again. When he took his first steps earlier this month the Richmond SPCA called it a holiday miracle and the video went viral. The steps were a testament to the dog's hard work, as well as the hours put in by the Richmond SPCA.

"We took him in and we committed to his care and to his rehab and ultimately his adoption to a good and lasting permanent home," said Richmond SPCA CEO Robin Starr.

While he took those miraculous steps without his doggie wheelchair two weeks ago, he still required the right person to take him home. Wednesday, someone walked through the doors who felt Elvis was just right, as is.

"He's really great. He's just really great," said Connie Pippen of Albemarle. She was looking for a Christmas present for her husband, Bob, after his dog passed away. Bob has mobility problems of his own.

"What dog would better understand a human dealing with some of these same issues? It's like they need each other," said Pippen.

"It really feels like a unbelievably inspiring thing to happen for the holidays. A true Christmas miracle," said Starr.

Pippen calls Elvis perfect and wants to tell everyone not to let a dog's challenges prevent you from adopting.

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