Governor Terry McAuliffe expected to unveil budget proposal

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Happening today--Governor Terry McAuliffe will roll out his budget proposal. Medicaid expansion is still expected to be part of that proposal. We will break down the details in a live report.

By the end of the week, Colonial Heights police officers will have body cameras as part of their uniform. The cameras have an H-D image, clear audio, and digital storage.They will always be on, tracking every encounter, but the officer has to activate it to record.

There is a major debit card compromise at Union First Market Bank. About three-thousand customers may be impacted! Representatives with Union say that about a dozen ATM machines throughout the Richmond area appear to have been rigged with skimming devices. Union notified customers online --- and a letter was sent out Monday. In the meantime, keep an eye out for any unusual activity on your bank account.

Sony Pictures Entertainment has told theater owners that they can cancel their plans to show "The Interview," according to multiple reports. The decision to debut the film on Dec. 25 is now with individual theater chains. The development comes just hours after the hackers issued threats against theatergoers and patrons of the comedy, which depicts an assassination attempt against North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.

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