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Both sides passionate about McAuliffe's proposed gun purchase regs

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) -  If Gov. Terry McAuliffe gets his way, sweeping changes could be in store when it comes to who can bear arms in Virginia.

The announcement Monday has people for and against gun control speaking out. To purchase a gun, Virginians must complete a federal form am holding in my hand the federal form, which comes with a pamphlet that explains how to keep firearms away from Children. Now some are questioning if these items go far enough.

Although she's only 17, Sadia Pollard is very vocal about gun violence.

"It's right here in our community and we can't really escape it because it's happening right here in front of our eyes," she said.

Sadia is so passionate, this past October, she helped organize a flash mob with the Richmond Youth Peace Project demonstrating what she calls a need for tougher gun laws. That's just what Calif proposed Monday. He wants to ban gun possession for anyone subject to protective orders and for Virginians who have committed crimes dealing with stalking, or domestic violence. The governor is also calling for universal background checks for all purchases at gun shows.

"I think background checks should be mandatory no matter what way you get a gun, whether it be through family and friends buying you one, or if you go to a gun show. You should have a background check and it should be extensive and very well done," Sadia said.

But others are saying not so fast.

"These are just feel good measures and really what they are is the solution in search of a problem," said Jim Reynolds of Proactive Shooters. Reynolds teaches a weekly gun safety course and doesn't see the need for changes, especially McAuliffe's plan to revoke concealed gun permits if you are behind on child support payments.

"I firmly believe you should pay your child support but taking away your ability to protect yourself and those children doesn't serve a purpose," Reynolds said.

McAuliffe announced Monday he also wants to reinstate a former state law limiting gun purchases to one a month.

"We don't have people that come in and say 'I'll take 5 handguns and 3 rifles at one time.' That would throw a red flag up," said Jason Williams of the War Store.

"We should know who's using this powerful weapon. This is a war on our streets," said Sadia.

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