On Your Side: Richmond girl's Christmas wish granted

On Your Side: Richmond girl's Christmas wish granted

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - A Whitcomb Court woman called NBC12 asking for help making Christmas special for her foster child

Abrielle is only 3, but already she's made gigantic steps after a tough start. She came to live with Tina Woodson about 15 months ago and it was Woodson who called NBC12. Abrielle could talk, but she wouldn't.

Love has made all the difference in Abrielle's life. Woodson is now her legal guardian, and she said she wants to do more for her for Christmas. Unconditional love got Abrielle to this point. Her thoughts are happy. She can just play and make more pleasant memories, but the journey has been long in such a short life. Each teddy bear lining the back of their couch represents a hospital visit for little Abrielle.

"Abrielle would not talk when she first got here," Woodson said. "She was scared. 'Where am I going to wake up the next morning?' Now you can't close her mouth!"

Woodson says stability and structure  made Abrielle feel safe and secure and built her confidence to interact and talk. It also has her asking for things Woodson can't provide -- even practical items like a winter coat.  Neighborhood friends and family are a strong support for them.

"Who would think that God would send me somebody to take care of when I don't have the means," Woodson said. "But, he showed me it wasn't money. It was love. She needed love."

With one phone call to Walmart in Mechanicsville, a promise to help was made Wednesday night.  Woodson will get to Christmas shop for Abrielle and their home next week.

"It would be nice to go in the store and only buy her something that only she has on," Woodson said "Nothing wrong with the hand-me-downs I'm getting, and I'm telling y'all  thank you. But, she wants something of her own sometimes. She wants a bed.  I want her to have a bed and I'm going to get her a bed."

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