Two restaurants ace their health inspections

Two restaurants ace their health inspections

Since you're still digesting your turkey dinner with all the fixin's, we decided not to show you restaurants with critical violations on this Restaurant Report. Instead, we're introducing you to two local restaurants who win the NBC12 Hall of Fame Award for having spotless records on their health inspections.

The Bucket Trade is a craft beer bar with food to pair with the different flavors. Located at 13131 River's Bend Boulevard in Chester, it features Virginia, national, and international beers, plus hard cider.

Said co-owner Aimee Hartle, "We have 400 bottles to choose from. We have sixteen taps. We do growlers. We do different sandwiches, all made with local products."

The pub is named for the bucket trade during prohibition, when beer was carried in a row of buckets on a poll by bucket boys. This Bucket Trade wins the NBC12 Hall of Fame Award for acing every health inspection it's had since opening a year ago.

"It's nice to be rewarded for something most people don't think about. A lot of people think, 'You run a bar. You must just drink and have fun all time.' But really, it's a lot of work. All I do is clean and constantly work on the place," said Hartle.

It's a labor of love for husband and wife co-owners James and Aimee Hartle. Their secret is closing early on Sundays for deep cleaning.

Hartle explains, "I do deep clean all the drains and sinks and all the boards. We clean the lines all the time. That's what people don't realize. When it comes to beer lines, they have to be cleaned between kegs."

We're also giving the Hall of Fame Award to New Asian Panda at 10430 Ridgefield Parkway in Henrico. This Chinese restaurant has made a big comeback. Once on the critical list two years ago, it's been earning perfect scores on health inspections ever since then.