Home Again offers fitness to potential homeless

Home Again offers fitness to potential homeless

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - Darius Shaw and Jackee Parker hit the streets of Richmond for their first half-marathons this past Saturday. It marks the latest step in a long journey for both, where physical fitness wasn't always their primary concern.

Both Darius and Jackee were on the verge of being homeless at different points in their respective journeys. Darius and his mother found themselves evicted from their home after medical bills piled up, while Jackee left the state in search of a better job, only to see the plan backfire and see her fall upon financial difficulties.

Home Again, a program in Richmond designed to help the homeless get back on their feet, stepped in on both cases. They provided housing for both and assisted with bills. Darius and his mother were in the program seven months before working their way back to stability. Jackee and her children have been living in Home Again housing, but she hopes to be able to get her own residence within a year.

Something else Home Again offers is a training program for the half-marathon, an effort to introduce fitness to some of the people the group is helping. Both Jackee and Darius took part in respective programs and ran their first half-marathons this past weekends. Jackee ran 4:22:57, while Darius clocked a time of 2:44:05.

Click on the above video to learn more about Darius's and Jackee's respective stories.

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